How women get stressed by their husbands

The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. There should be a mutual respect as well as mutual understand. Most of wives think their husbands stress producers, not the correct person who can share the stress.

By using 7000 mothers in USA, They found 46% wives think their husbands the main reason for the stress.
In today circumstances, Women play not only the role of mother or wife. The most of women are playing several roles in several sectors. They contribute their strength not only for the family but also for the place where they work.
Above 75% of women think that they should do the household and parenting duties. Mothers do not fully trust their husbands do the certain responsibilities as they can do. The major reason of the stress is household tasks. Wives do what they have to do, they do not speak themselves what they are doing. So husband suppose everything is under control by their wives.
They pointed out some facts, not the sharing duties each other, Husbands think their wives must do household tasks. There is a woman who participated to this “I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home”. A research team from the University of Padova supported this claim by discovering that when husbands lose their wives, their health deteriorates, but when the women lose their husbands, they have much relief rather than earlier.
According to the article of “Healthy Holistic Living”, they relive some facts to get partners closer in marriage. Some major facts are mentioned below that you want to know.
1. Communication

Whenever you need a solution for some problem or situation, directly you have to talk with your partner. Without judging each other you have to point out the major cause. Amazing results would be there in the relationship if you communicate each other in very well understanding. The lack of communication is the major effect for the lots of problems.
Most of women openly talk with their husbands how their contribution for the family. But unfortunately, some husbands cannot understand what their wives express. Husbands should pay their attention to their wives in physically, mentally and more emotionally. That would be a reason for healthy communication for each other.
2. Husbands should step up

Husbands should keep step up and must show their contribution in household tasks. But the thing is most of husbands are assuming their wives rather than giving support. They must show their interest to the work in house.
By take up some responsibilities such as organizing play dates, doctor appointments and giving help in homework duties, husbands can give much relief for their wives.
3. Wives should step back
As mentioned earlier, most of women do not keep trust on their husbands, because some believe that they can do great job in parenting rather than men. Even though husbands want to involve the duties with the children mothers do not let to do it. Because lack of confidence have on their husbands.
If women need to overcome these things, let them to do as their own ways. Maybe they will do their duties better than women. What women have to do is keep trusting on their partners and give the chance to get their own responsibilities to contribute the family.

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