Gary Sinise Breaks Down In Tears when Tom Hanks And other popular people Honor His Charity Work

We got used to seeing Gary Sinise in the movies. He played everything, including hard cops, soldiers and even bad guys.

His most notable role may have been in Forest Gump, but he is more than a star, he is a man of charity. The Gary Sinise Foundation supports active members of the armed forces, veterans and lifeguards and their families.

Gary was recently surprised by a tribute due to his charitable work. When he saw it, he was crying.

Sinise, 63, has visited the troops several times abroad. He believes that his role as Lieutenant Dan has helped strengthen this connection with veterans.

"He played a bigger role in my life because of the nature of this character," Sinise told ET.

"I was a wounded soldier, I remember going to the first hospital to visit a wounded soldier after 9/11, I just wanted to talk about Lieutenant Dan and what happened to him, so this character has obviously been very special to me. "

To celebrate the release of 'Grateful American', the new memoir of Sinise, many famous friends and veterans shared an emotional message with him to thank him for everything he did.

Sinise admits to being "completely surprised and speechless" while watching Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Kristin Chenoweth and many others in the video. There were also veterans and their families, as well as the first responders, who came forward to thank him.

The former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, thanked the actor "for everything he did for our men and women who served in our country."

"Not only what you did for them, but also for their children, what you did for their family, what you did to help them rebuild their lives."

A family that received a home, thanks to the Sinise Foundation, posed on their property to greet him.

"As you can see, we are in front of this beautiful house right now," said the veteran. "We would not have had it without your kindness, your kindness and your wonderful gift of giving".

The Gary Sinise Foundation would like social media users to present the video as part of the #GratefulLikeGary campaign.

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