Garry Sinise talks about the secret In his marriage life of 40 years

How many couples do you know who are happily married after a few years, say five or ten years? Now, how many of you know couples who have been happily married for over 40 years?

The type of relationship ongoing for several decades may not seem generalized and they are. Marriage is an institution that requires adequate attention, but a special couple is needed to reach a milestone of all those years.

when it comes to Hollywood weddings, This is especially true. Many end up very fast, but once in a while, you see one that lasts a long time. This is the case of Gary Sinise and his wife, Moira Harris.

Sinise is known for his memorable screen roles, including Lieut. Dan Taylor at Forest Gump. He is also known for his work in support of veterans. His wife, married him in 1981, was also an actress. They have three children now.

He revealed that there is a secret to the longevity of their marriage. It is also important to include it in our personal lives, even if we are not married.

"A sense of humor," he said. "My wife is a loving, fun person, with an Irish spirit and I am always surprised by some of the things she says, she makes me laugh every day.

They do more than bring laughter to everyone's life. They support each other, no matter the times are good or bad.

Harris is involved in the foundation of her husband, who helps veterans, lifeguards and their families. Sinise also supported and strengthened his wife when she fought against alcoholism. He mentioned it in his recent book "Grateful American: A Journey of Self to Service."

"I was not going to include it in the book unless she supports it," he said.

It was a difficult chapter to include, but in the end she supported his decision to share the story to the others. She thought it would help her marriage to be stronger and that they would be better equipped to overcome future difficulties.

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