Five easy tips to avoid 80% of heart attacks

According to the latest statistics, heart attacks cause more than one million deaths a year in the United States. In most cases, they are caused by coronary heart disease, a disease characterized by the interruption of blood flow to the heart due to the accumulation of plaque in the arterial walls. However, this can be avoided with 5 simple changes in lifestyle.

Our accelerated lifestyle is one of the main factors of heart disease, but according to the Karolinska Institute, 5 simple changes in lifestyle can help prevent almost 80% of heart attacks each year! These are the changes:
 stop smoking completely;
 eat  a healthy;
 Quit alcohol;
 Exercise regularly;
 Maintain a healthy waist.
A healthy diet
Always avoid sugar and processed foods, as well as refined carbohydrates. The saturated fats of butter, eggs or lard are not bad for you. They affect bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase only good cholesterol (HDL).

Avoid eating fructose, sugar and cereals and replace all the carbohydrates in your diet with high quality protein and healthy fats from avocados, butter, organic eggs, raw dairy products, coconut oil, nuts and meat. You should also balance your omega-3 and omega-6 diets by consuming fatty fish, instead of vegetable oils.
Eating lots of fruits is mandatory, they are rich in vitamins and minerals and have anti-inflammatory properties. According to medical experts, the risk of cardiovascular disease is 40% lower in people who consume fruit. However, if you are overweight, are resistant to leptin or insulin, limit your daily fruit consumption to 15 gr. If you do not have any disease, you can eat fruits at will.
Medications for diabetes

Metformin is a medication for diabetes that is associated with an increased risk of low levels of thyroid stimulating hormone. When levels of this hormone in the body are low, this causes bodily harm and affects cardiovascular health. According to a recent study, the treatment of type 3 diabetes with prescription drugs will reduce blood sugar and increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Beta blockers and scientific misconduct.
Beta-blockers prevent neurotransmitters, epinephrine and norepinephrine, from binding to beta receptors. They are useful in cases of non-cardiac surgery, but according to statistical data, beta-blockers cause almost 800,000 deaths in Europe each year.

How can you protect your heart?
- reduce stress and anxiety;
- avoid sitting for a prolonged period;
- avoid taking statins;
- Eat more saturated and unprocessed animal fats: avoid eating too much sugar, cereals and processed fructose.
- Regular exercise.
- Increase your intake of vitamin D: go out in the sun or take supplements;
- Walk barefoot to obtain powerful antioxidants from the earth. They are transferred by free electrons and will reduce inflammation throughout the body.
The fight against cardiovascular disease is not that difficult. All you need is a change in your lifestyle. The results will be felt immediately, you will feel much better and revitalized.

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