A stray pup was taken into good hands after he was found under a car

Anand Raman was out for a day in Dubai when the unexpected happened. He was about to visit his sister at her work. It was very hot in Dubai and the rest of the people did everything possible to stay cool. As he came to his sister's office, he noticed that a dirty puppy was hiding under a car.
His legs were hurting and the dog survived the food remains left by his sister's colleagues. When the dog saw Anand, he felt that the man could help him. He came rushing towards Anand. Of course, Raman knew he had to help this puppy anyways. There was no other option to do in this case.

The dog was curious and excited. The two sat together on the sidewalk. Anand said that the dog was more than happy to be caressed a little by him. Finally, he decided to take the animal to the car. The tired puppy fell asleep on Anand's shoulder like never before! Raman knew he would have to take the dog to the vet's office. The puppy needed help to survive.

The poor puppy was tested and finally, the reason for his pain was found. In the end, the dog had rickets. His lack of nutrition was the reason for the problem. From there, the solution was easy. Dirt was also washed off from the puppy. Anand was surprised to discover that the dog had a pure white coat. He decided to name it Snowy in the end.
The dog needed time to adapt to life with a human. Raman said that Snowy would spend a lot of time sitting in the corners. He did not like to walk because he thought he would be abandoned. Snowy took a few months to understand that he was in better hands. He was simply not used to being loved.

Fortunately, this amazing duo decided to create their own Instagram page. Those would like to see  Snowy and Anand's future adventures should definitely take the time to hit the follow button.

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