A recent Study discovers Children inherit Most of their genes from their Maternal Grandmother

Grandmothers take a wonderful place in our lives as they are very close to us from our childhood. They even help us with the little naughty work in our childhood to get away from our parents. If you were raised with grandmother you know how special the bond is. This bond is really an important emotional bond. And did you know that even we share this bond in a unique biological way? This bond we share with our grandmother is embedded in our genes as this recent study shows us. It reveals that most of our DNA is inherited from our maternal grandmother!

In his book,” Metagenealogy: Self- discovery through psycho-magic and the family tree” written by Alejandro Jodorwsky , a Chilean essayist , explains the genetic influence grandmothers have on their grandchildren.  Genes can escape a generation or two, so the grandparents DNA could occur in the grandchild’s DNA.

As he explains further the DNA you inherit while you are in your mother’s womb are directly coming from your grandmother. Out of all the people who are biologically connected to you, maternal grandmother is the one who is responsible for this inheritance. The genes can skip one or two generations and reappear. So that’s the reason why some kids do not look like their parents but look like their grandparents.

In the appearance the children might not look exactly like their grandparents, but there could be signs and marks of them in that children. It could be a mole, smile, eye color or even the manners like the way they walk and talk. In some cases children even inherit their bone structure and the muscles from the grandparents.

As this study reveals our DNA matches about 25% with our grandparents. Researchers at University of Cambridge have published several articles related to this biological bond between the grandmother and the children. As these articles say this happens because of the X-chromosome, since maternal grandmothers pass about 25% of their X-chromosome to grandchildren .

Paternal grandmothers only transmit their X chromosomes to their granddaughters, but not to their grandchildren. Thus, while paternal grandmothers have a 50% relationship with their granddaughters, they have a 0% relationship with their grandchildren. But do not worry, it has nothing to do with the close relationship. The emotional relationship is formed in the time we spend together, which will always improve the essential links that unite families without distinction of genes or sex.

And alsp, Jodorowsky shows that grandchildren can also inherit the emotional experiences of their maternal grandmothers. The emotions that a grandmother gets when she was pregnant with her daughter can be passed on to her future grandchildren, because such emotional information can be embedded in DNA and remain there, even if it skips one generation
Writing it was a bit therapeutic to know that even when the family is gone, they are always with us, sometimes if it means living in us through our shared DNA.

What features do you share with your grandmother?

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