Improve Your Communication Skills Online and Offline

If you run your own business, you know that communication is essential to attract new customers. In fact, proper marketing is practically the only way to do it effectively. Without communication with the outside world, your business would fail. So, are you an effective seller for your business? Do you use all forms of communication, online and offline, in your marketing plan? If you consider yourself an effective communicator in the business world, how do you communicate when it comes to your personal life?

Communication and mental health.

Communication with other human beings is essential so that we can all maintain a healthy state of well-being. Consider the work you have done to inform others of your business. When you communicate correctly and frequently, your business thrives. When you do not, your business suffers. The same is true for your personal relationships. Talking to your friends and loved ones, whether online or offline, is as important to your personal life as advertising is to your customers for the life of your business. If you are good at business communication: avoid common mistakes, you can also be good at social aspects.

Listen as much as you do, actively listen to what others have to say (not just listen to answer) establish and maintain eye contact, offer sincere compliments when appropriate, and remember to spend time with your loved ones as often as you can.

Offline communication in an online world.

When we "chat" with people online, we are not talking to a real person. We are talking with a computer screen. Online communication is fast and efficient, but it does not provide the same feeling as face-to-face or even telephone conversations. It is important to remember that even if you are energetic, lively and enthusiastic online, it will not necessarily give you the same emotional benefits as a real offline relationship.

Having a deep voice or, even better, face-to-face conversations in person, cannot be replaced by digital media. Although online communication is very convenient, it does not replace our inherent need to be social in life with our loved ones. It is essential for us to feel the presence of loved ones and take the time to be with them in person.

Stay away from the computer

Personal conversation is a very important part of effective communication with the world around you, you have to leave behind your computer. Talk to real people, in the real world. Do not neglect it, or you will find yourself alone in the virtual world.

You cannot kiss a pixel, but you can kiss a friend. A hug from a friend is much more meaningful than anything that can be found through a computer. Taking the time to be with your loved ones in person may not be as practical as familiarizing yourself with technology, but it is a much better and complete experience. You can feel the presence of those around you, share laughter, listen to music, watch movies and play, and explore the world together, which can only be done through a communication device.

 Join a group

If you do not feel comfortable in a social environment, try joining a group, such as a monthly reading club. Not only you can practice your communication skills, but you can also learn a thing or two. If you cannot join an offline group, start with a group online, then leave behind your screen.

You may be surprised at how much more fun you enjoy than through an online group. Real and lasting relationships usually begin in person. You are much more likely to see others authentically if you communicate with them regularly

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