Fans Think ‘Game of Thrones’ May Have Revealed A Huge Clue About The Night King’s Identity

If you have not reached "Game of Thrones" to its last season, stop reading because there are big spoilers.

Now that you've been warned, let's get down to business and discuss about the night king

The fans of the series have already developed a theory about the Night King, and this is a very interesting theory.

Although often, fanatical theories can be extravagant and unfounded, but this is in fact a pretty decent theory, if not the exact one.

Remember when the little Lord Umber was nailed to the wall with carefully arranged limbs? Beric Dondarrion said: "It's a message from the king of the night."

However, once it has risen and finally set itself on fire, the whole symbol has acquired an additional meaning, which is a sign we have already seen.

It was around the Weirwood tree when the Night King was created. He also placed the symbol of the horse remains several years ago so that Night Watch could fall on it. The grotesque display is the card of the knight king.

But it is this symbol that continues to use what encourages fans of the series to emphasize their similarity to the sigil of the Targaryen House. Yes, we are talking about the three-headed dragon.

And there is also all the fire, like the Targaryen love fire.

All these little clues seem to indicate that the night king could have a distant connection with the Targaryen family. That would mean that it is linked to Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

But this is only half of the theory, there is something else that could really be a dead gift.

We know that the night king  can raise the dead and control them, but he can also ride a dragon.

They told us explicitly that only Targaryen can drive dragons. This is not fan  theory, it's the cannon.

David Benioff, one of the showrunners, recently gave an interview in the documentary segment "Inside the Episode" after each episode and said: "No one has ridden a dragon, except Dany, only Targaryen can ride dragons and this should be a signal to Jon, Jon is not always the fastest, but he does. "

Could the king of the night be a Targaryen?

What do you think of the theory?

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