Dad hires a helicopter to find his son after cops didn’t help

If you are a mother, you know about her intuition. It is this ability to simply "know" that something is wrong and that your child needs help. There is no way to explain the mother's intuition, it is just one of those phenomena that occur. And we have heard many examples where this is correct.

For example, there is this mother of premature twins, The babies were born three months before the term and one of them died unfortunately. The other twin was not doing very well. Her mother's intuition helped her find a way to save her other baby's life. The solution? Body heat and skin-to-skin contact with her and her husband. The child made a complete miraculous recovery.

Another thing that mothers know very well is the very concept of "mama bear". It is this protective side that appears when your child is in danger and you can gather strength that you did not know you had, like the mother who saved her son from a cougar by opening it with her bare hands, nothing gets between a mother and her child.

But what is the place of the fathers in all this? We have never heard of "papa bears" or "dad's intuition", but they exist anyway. Tony Lethbridge of Australia is one of those parents who showed his paternal intuition. It all started when his 17-year-old son, Samuel, did not return home after visiting his girlfriend. Neither his parents nor his girlfriend had heard about him, which is very strange.

Tony and his wife were not at home the night Samuel was supposed to be at home, but it was his brothers and sisters who alerted Tony that Samuel had left. Tony immediately went home and contacted the police. He assumed that everything would be fine and that the police would be immediately in the place that was not what happened. Instead, Tony learned that his son had probably run away and should wait for him at home.

The answer was not enough for Tony, who knew he would have to take things in hand. After Samuel was missing for 24 hours without receiving help from the police, Tony decided to find with his son. He took $ 800 with him and, with the help of his brother, rented a helicopter to search.
Tony thought that his son had crashed into his car and that he was lying somewhere injured.

He recalled a tragic story that took place in the same area where Samuel was driving. The driver involved in this accident had not been found for five days and died as a result of the car accident.

"It was in my head, so I just thought:" I'm not going to stay here waiting, I'm not going to wait, "he explained.

"With the presence of the bush, if a car goes in, you will not see it, the only way to see it is to fly, and that's what we did."

The family lives in Australia and Tony knew it was a race against time to find Samuel's car in the wilderness .

"I told my wife:" I will not wait any longer. I'm going to rent a helicopter and go get it, "Tony said.

Tony managed to get the $ 800 needed to rent a helicopter to the Skyline Aviation Group.

The desperate father went to an aircraft hangar, threw his money on the desk and asked a pilot to look for his son.

Michael Lethbridge, Samuel's uncle, took the helicopter ride with him as Tony had a  plane phobia
Tony's sensation told him where they should start looking: on an accident-prone road where this child had died as a result of a traffic accident a few years before.

Just 10 minutes after the helicopter took off, the family discovered a crumbling white car on the Pacific Highway near Newcastle, north of Sydney.

The exact area where Samuel's father had led them. If they had left, they may not have seen the car because the road is surrounded by thick vegetation. But considering the melodies, it was impossible to get lost.

Tony immediately began the frantic visit to the site. The family immediately recognized the car and landed next to the wreckage.

Samuel was stuck in the car and did not move.

When the emergency services arrived at the scene, they had to open the vehicle to get Samuel out of the wreckage.

A fighter for his life, trapped in his vehicle for almost 30 hours, Samuel became dehydrated and suffered serious injuries.

"He talked to me when I got in the car," said Tony Lethbridge.

"I caught him and said, 'Mate, dad got you.'

Samuel's first words to his father were: "I'd like a drink."

In the hospital, they discovered that he had a broken arm and injuries to his legs and back. A broken thigh bone protruded three inches through the skin.

The Lethbridge family has launched an online fundraiser for Samuel's recovery and congratulates Tony for being his hero father.

Bravo daddy! You saved his life. You must always trust your instinct!

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