As we know, our society has in mind that the teacher can never become a good date. However, we all had teachers that we loved and hated. And we also all had this teacher that we fell in love with.

Since now we are legally eligible to go out with a teacher without being creepy, let’s look at a general description of the 12 reasons why a teacher may be right date for you.

1. They are beautiful and sensual in their own way.

2. They are very brainy and smart. You can even learn a lot from them.

3. They will often leave you alone when you need a little space since they can understand others well.

4. When you do something good, you will be able to earn a reward since most teachers give rewards to good students.

5. Teachers are usually free on weekends. So you can have great weekend plans with them

6. They trust in their ability to connect quickly with you, just as they do with children.

7. they are creative, They spend all their time thinking about new and innovative ways of doing things. Therefore They will do creative things that will make you happy.

8. Most teachers are updated with latest trends and news, So you will be never bored since they use all the latest fashions and stuff.

9. Teachers will always help you to maintain your standard and will help you grow but showing your mistakes

10. Teachers always plan their activities. Therefore, they are good in bed. There will be very long preliminaries that will satisfy you.

11. Most of the time, they will spend time with the children. Therefore, they are very talkative and easy to communicate about anything.

12. They will not allow children to walk late in class. Therefore, they are very punctual. If they say they will be in the cafeteria at 8 pm, they will arrive on time.

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