People over 40 should work only 3 days a week, study shows

Stress affects each of us in different ways. There are many causes of stress. Among those causes, the job takes a huge priority. When someone is doing a job all over the years the stress rises step by step and reaches a maximum. This affects not only the social life of the people but also their job performance.

A recent study shows that for the people who are aged over 40, the best is to work three days per week to get the highest

performance in their job. This study was published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper series which showed that working 25 hours per week showed the best performance for these people, while working over 50 hours showed bad results, some even worse than retired or unemployed state performance.

How working time affects the brain.

 When we are working for long hours our brain gets tired, which reduces the performance of the brain. Also when we are working long hours, we are subjected to huge stress which
distracts us from the work we do. So when we look at the overall performance, working short time is more effective than working long hours for most of people.

Solution for the matter

As professor Colin McKenzie from Keio University says, people tend to choose their jobs based on their cognitive abilities. These jobs can be part time or full time.
Further he says “Many Countries in the world are going to raise their retirement ages and delay the age at where people are eligible to start receiving pension. This will result that more people will continue to work in the later stages of their life.”

But this will not increase the job performance at all. And neither it will benefit the government or the companies they work for. So therefore they aim to reduce working period to 40 hours per week until the retirement age.

Final thoughts

Instead of pursuing the jobs that offer you a huge sum of money, you can always find a job that serves your interests and enjoy. If you enjoy your job you will always perform better at your job no matter how long you work. Job stress is available in

every job, but you will be able to manage it better if you do a job you enjoy. In the modern world, population of elderly people are growing so the chances are everyone would be forced to work until really late in their life. So if you do not pursue a job you love, you will end up stressed and sad. 

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