Adult coloring; why it is the best form of meditation

In the modern world with the work load and busy day today life, people have being too distracted and not be able to keep their focus with something. To be focused on something we need “mindfulness” which simply means “being in the moment”. This will keep you away from distractions and keep you focused on whatever the thing you do. Meditation is the best way to practice mindfulness. These are some benefits of meditation according to American Psychological Association.
  • ·         Reduces stress and anxiety
  • ·         Cuts down overthinking
  • ·         Improve and boost memory
  • ·         Increases focus and emotional control
  • ·         Increase self-awareness
  • ·         Boosts and improve immune system

In the society, the person who does meditation can manage their anger well and  he is more gentle and kind towards others. There is an endless list of benefits we can have by doing meditation . Meditation really changes lives and helps us to maintain a good physical and mental health.

Adult coloring – A replacement to meditation

If you have never heard the term “adult coloring” you might wonder what it is. Adult coloring has become a trend in recent years maybe because adults want to remember their childhood again. Adult coloring gives a moment alone with vivid colors to any individual who uses it. Mandala coloring books are the most popular kind of coloring books which includes nature and animal themes.

Coloring Helps Mindfulness

Coloring keeps us engaged and focused all the time at one task. So it helps us to archive mindfulness. In addition the coloring is a simple task where the brain does not need to work more. It can keep your mind in a flow state which gives your mind a break. You will enjoy the moment and simply lose the track of time with this.
People who cannot do or don’t like meditation, can do adult coloring and get the same benefits as meditation. All the adult coloring books are different from each other which anyone can explore various aspects.
Reduce stress by coloring

Modern day, anxiety and stress are two common things within people. Adult coloring offers a moment away from this busy and stressful life, an escape. And almost this activity costs least amount of money than other leisure activities. If you spend 30 minutes per day coloring you will see a significant change in your mind within a short time.

As studies has found there are really great benefits in adult coloring books. First , it helps us to get away from our worries for a little while and to focus on the task which we are now involved in. When we increase our mindfulness it will decrease our anxiety.  This is what happens in our brains while we are coloring explained by the psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala,

“The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements]. The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.”

Become a child again

Older people have more things to worry about than kids. Kids have less to worry about and most of times live a carefree life.  Adulthood involved responsibilities and duties which keeps us stressed. By this adult coloring, you can turn in to the kid you once were, forget about the stress and focus on the colors with some creativity.


Before you start go to a peaceful environment around you. You can do this anywhere but doing this alone can improve your experience. You can transform your life by adult coloring.
  • o   Make a peaceful place in your home.
  • o   Shut down all the electronics, specially phones and computers
  • o   If you like, play a soft music

When you start the task try to forget about all other things and your worries. Just focus on the coloring and you will find a great pleasure and a joy in it. You will feel very light and free from all your stress during this time if you do this correctly.
We hope this article helped you to know the basics of adult coloring and will add something to your life as a new hobby. Leave your comments below.

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